Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Experienced with PLDT Vibe Dial Up Internet

As the time of internet there is a business put up for residential internet and there is a dial up internet connection called PLDT Vibe. As the time there is already broadband in other place in the city there is also a dial up internet which is not fast. The broadband has not yet available at our place at that time so I paid for PLDT Vibe. It comes with a card worth 100 pesos and I paid per hour used. I think it was only 5 pesos per hour so I have 20 hours for 100 pesos. The downside of PLDT Vibe is you have to use your telephone to dial to connect to the internet so in turn you cannot use the telephone. When someone call at your phone it will be busy. If someone used your telephone then you will be disconnected to the Vibe internet. At our place I only enjoy the internet throughout the day because from 7pm to 11 pm I cannot connect to the internet. Dial up is such slow internet with 56 kbps it is really very low. I was really playing conquer online at that time. It took me a long time to download so I copied a CD copy installer in the city. Connecting to the dial up internet really has a sound when you connect to the PLDT Vibe. I have a modem for internet installed in my desktop PC and it really make a sound when you dial up to the internet.

Now with dial up internet at this time you will take time to load pages. Broadband DSL is now ubiquitous nowadays and internet just become faster as the home fiber internet take place and it is very fast speed. I cannot forget the slow dial up connection and it was part of my experience. It will really take time to download with a dial up connection.


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