Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Boy Playing Dota 2

A boy played DoTA 2 and that boy is me. DoTA 2 or Defense of the Ancients 2 is a great multiplayer game which is played as a team versus team, with each team has 5 players. There are many heroes to choose from in this game. In this game I had chosen Phantom Assassin hero. It was said that there are 112 heroes you can choose to play in DoTA 2. That is really many heroes to choose from. If you haven't played DoTA yet then you need Steam client to download the game. You need to sign-up for steam account then you can choose to download the DoTA 2 game. In Steam client you can download some games. Some are free and some are not and DoTA 2 is free to play multiplayer game. You need internet to play this game of course as you have to play with another player. You can choose what area you want to play like SEA or USA or UK area. For me I use SEA area because I have faster connection there according to ping. With fast speed internet nowadays then you can play this multiplayer online game anywhere. You just need your log-in information that you had sign up with steam. It is fun along to play this game with other players online. 

It's a News

It's a news then. A fresh happening that is good or bad can be spread out through TV or newspapers. I have a news yesterday about a truck and a SUV. The two got smash up only a little and both fell off the road. There was a little traffic at first and it is just near our neighborhood though it happened on a national high way. I don't if others share it on social media like Facebook. It would make a fuzz. The two automobiles had went off the road and they all went to the canal. It was amazing how they became like that. It's a news then and a news spread like a ripple in the water.

A Boy Watching A Movie With a Family

I am a boy and I watch a movie with a family before. Before where we were little I have my two sisters and one brother watching the movie along with my mother. My father was not always with us because he was a seaman where he had to be in the boat or ship as a living. I am a boy now and wonder what would be my way of living. Now I am writing a blog and it is just a hobby like playing computer games. I hope to enroll in the next semester. I hope God will guide to what way of living will I have till the rest of my life. We watched movie before. Before there was no CD and DVD yet there was betamax and we rent cartridge of betamax in the city. The city is just 7 kilometers ride and take 15 to 20 minutes ride depending on the traffic. Now there is DVD where you had to buy the DVD cartridge. I am a boy and I had watched with some of the family in a movie theater and it was really great experience with a huge screen to watch. I am still a boy and searching for what to movie to watch. There are many movies made and there are many movie trailers usually you can see in Youtube. Youtube was really great video site where you can also watch movie there. There are many video there because it is almost all countries can upload videos there.

I Am A Boy

I am a boy. I came here to share it or blog it that I am a boy. A boy is just any other boy in the world or any other gender in the world but there are difference in each of us that is why we are called we are all unique. I have created many memories as I grow up and there were good ones and bad ones. I have finished high school and that is good for me now you know a little part of boy's life which is me. I am a boy and I like to play online games just like any other boy in the whole wide world who like to play games may it be online or offline. I played offline games too before that required game console like playstation and Nintendo Family Computer. Now there are many great game console to play from. I am a boy and I love to eat that was why I had gained 8 kilos and I am planning to lose less kilos or luckily maintain my weight now. There are many boys and girls working themselves to lose weight. I am a boy with no job at all and I stopped in college so I have no diploma or degree yet. I was hoping to finish my college so I can get a better shot in applying jobs. A degree is really a plus. That's what I need for now as being a boy.

Some Boy's Corner

He think of some things of what would be the web address or sub domain of blogspot. He think of some things and then he came up to Some Boy's Corner. I am a boy and this blog will be the blog that I have to post anything or whatever I may have to share publicly or in the world. I am not sure if someone will find to read this thing that I write. I am now writing and I am listening to music too and the music was just finishing. The title of the song as of now is "Everything I Do I Do It For You" by Bryan Adams. It is really great to listen to a song. It is another today and the day is almost finishing and just and hour and half it will be evening. Music trip is really great and I am listening to music still. Some Boy's Corner is a place for someone like me to share what I want to share and I hope I can make this blog grow. It is a weblog and many things will happen in the world and some of it might be nice to share or record in a web log like this.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

We Need Water and Food

We need water and food. I need water and food. I liked my water to be cold or not so cold but sometimes the water is not cold so no choice. We have been used to cooling our water in the refrigerator. Imagine before there was no refrigerator so the water they drink before was not usually cold. Nowadays there are water usage fee as we use the water and we pay for the water. We pay for the water in two separate ways: 1. The water we used for many things like for dish washing and bathing. 2. For drinking water. Water are really essential to life and it is a form of oxygen and hydrogen. Now there is food. I need food. We need food. There are many delicious food out there. We might want to cook and it will take time and effort for us to cook food while there are ordered by delivery food nowadays but there are some where delivery food is not available. In our place delivery food is available and there are also near restaurant where it sells ready made food.

food and water
I am delighted to say that I remember when I was little cooking boiled rice. It is just easy and boiled rice is our staple food in our country. Now there is this rice cooker where it has usually two buttons, a cook one and a warm one. I observe that it turns to warm one when most the rice is nearly cooked and there is little water to it. I need a viand. We need a viand. Unless you are all in to it just the rice. Now we cooked a partner of rice we called viand. It is good to have a partner to our rice. Mostly the easy choice of viand is fried fish or chicken. Fried fish and fried chicken is really good viand and it is delicious as you dipped it with mixed soy sauce and vinegar. Now after we eat we have to was the dishes and we use water and soap.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

What Do We Need To Live

In chemical term we need oxygen, water, food, clothes and shelter. From time to time a new discovery were made and a few centuries ago there was no such thing as oxygen. As technology advances oxygen were being discovered and this is through the microscope invention. We know that water is H2O and that term is known by most.

We need oxygen. Oxygen is the air we breathe in. When we exercise we may say inhale, exhale. We inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. There are really many oxygen in the air as we can breathe it and we give to thanks to it. It is nice to inhale and exhale this elements or atoms discovered.

We need water. As it was suggested that we need to drink water 7 to 8 cups times a day. I don't know how many cups of day I drink today. Now there is refrigerator then we can drink cold or we want to heat the water and drink hot water. In some part of the world water is still scarce and it is to bad for that part in a country. With invention some dig well or use a water pump for water.

We need food. We really need food to have energy throughout all the day. In our place or country we usually eat rice as staple food along with a partner of viand. There are foods that are sold and somehow we cook some foods too. We really love delicious food.


This website title is "Anything We Need". People have needs and wants. There are many things nowadays that we can have and grasp it and own it. I mean the things we can buy for money. This is what website is made for. This includes food,  fashion, health wellness, computer electronics, computer appliances and many more. The world has lot to offer and some are really needed for people to survive which are food and water of course.