Friday, May 26, 2017

There's Something About Mary Movie

Now for a movie post is an old movie which was out in almost 2 decades or 19 years ago. It is "There's Something About Mary". You probably love Ben Stiller and Cameron Diaz. The two were really great actor and actress and they had made great movies in the last two decades.

In the movie trailer Mary (Cameron Diaz) asked Ted (Ben Stiller) to go to the prom. Cameron Diaz had really long hair when she asked Ben Stiller to go to prom with him and Ben Stiller had long hair cut too. As you can see in the movie trailer Ben Stiller had braces on. When he was 16 years old he fell in love and there were birds while on the music of "Close to You". Ted had really unzipped something that hurts him and he got hospitalized as there was ambulance. Thirteen years later Ted had new haircut and Ted had found Mary after thirteen years. Mary had new haircut which was shorter when they were in high school. Ted hired a man to find Mary and he did. He really seems familiar the man that he hired. There's something really about Mary. Cameron Diaz was really gorgeous and beautiful. It was a great movie trailer and Mary had a brother as they play baseball hitting the ball Mary's brother was hit but it did not shown how bad Mary's brother hit. While fishing Ted was hit by a fishing rod and it was really funny. It is a film by 20th Century Fox. The man Ted hired was really always watching Mary in the window as he had binoculars with him. The movie was also directed by Dumb and Dumber and Kingpin. There was also a scene of a dog and Ted and it was another funny moment with the dog and Ted. The dog was really fierce and it is out to get Ted and the dog jump to Ted and Ted faded and the dog jumped through the window. After that the dog was on bandaged and that was the end of the trailer.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Something Interesting

There are something interesting in this world. Our world has many to offer to us rational beings. Something interesting might be something beautiful or wonderful. There are many wonderful scenery in this world and it takes time to go to beautiful places. Land and water are places that are something interesting in this world. Now there are said 7 continents in our world which are North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and Antarctica. It is really interesting to go on these places and you live in one of these continent. Now there is interesting invention that fly to the air which enable us people to travel because it really takes time to ride by boat or ship to another continent. Now there are many flights around the globe and it may take a few hours ride. Traveling by boat or cruise ship is really interesting too. There are many huge cruise ship and it is really interesting to travel by sea across those large ocean.

Something interesting about the many living things in the world. There are many species in the world that lives in water and land and it is very interesting. We people find interesting on some species and we make it us pet like cats, dogs and bird. They said dogs are man's best friend. There are really many interesting species we can find in land and sea and it is for us to discover them in an interesting way. There are many things to care about in this world as we care for ourselves and our health. It is interesting to take care of our health so we take care of what we eat and there are many interesting things to eat like fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are interesting living things in our planet and we are thankful that there are many of them as people can plant fruits and vegetables. Some are having them in the garden but mostly fruits and vegetables are sold in the market and we can buy them with money at an interesting price.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Something About You

There is something about you. Today is another day and it is great to have you in here. In a conversation you might say "It is good to have you now in here!". This day is Tuesday and it is afternoon and it was a great morning had passed. Now how do you do? You may be fine or alright or you may be down and depressed today. In our  place it is hot right now and the sun rays had shine to our place in case the cloud will overshadow the sun then it will have a dim place. Something about you makes me wonder what else can be in your mind. Unless I am a mind reader then I would really know what you are thinking. There is a movie about a man could read girl's mind and it stars Mel Gibson. It was really a great movie. Now you have to think of what to do in a day unless you have a work then you have to work. When we come to a right age to work then we have to work or we cannot work because we are not qualified. Some jobs needs you to have a degree or diploma so you would have to go to college and get a degree. You need to work off that grades so you would have a higher chance to get a job. There are many employed people and there are many also who are unemployed. You need to get a job to have money to buy something to eat. Now you are thinking of what to eat. The noon had just passed which is for lunchtime and I had a great lunch and I don't know about you. Do you have a great lunch today? If so then great. I wonder what is your meal. Something about you tells me that you are already full because you have money to buy food. So it was great. You have to live time after time and the story unfolds as the time passes by.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Lantaw Busay and Lantaw Cordova

Last May 14, 2017 was a Mother's Day and we went to another city by plane because it was a city that cross across waters. It was a 40 minute ride by plane. On May 14, 2017 we arrived from Cebu City and we stayed at the airport for two hours for waiting my sister from another place. We arrived at noontime in the airport and we waited for two hours and we sat and wait inside the airport. There were many people who wait there and we are near the exit door and there are many people who wait there and some people even have a card board for people they waited. So my sister arrived and we boarded a rented van. We went to the hotel and drive for a few minutes and we unloaded our bags in the hotel. So we now went to the first venue of our vacation. It was a short vacation in Cebu City. We went to Lantaw Busay first and the view was great because it was at the top of the city and you can view the view of the city. We ordered food and the food were great. There were people too in the Lantaw Busay. We had travel ascending on the road and there was a few traffic in going upward to the Lantaw Busay. We turn left and ascend upward for a few minutes. The driver was great and he really was known to driving places in Cebu. We went from city to city. We arrived at Lapu-lapu city and we cross bridge to go the hotel in Mandaue City. After suppose to be dinner Lantaw at 5 pm we then went to Temple of Leah which is just a few minutes ride upward. Then it was early evening we went to Lantaw Cordova to see the 10,000 roses. Lantaw Busay and Lantaw Cordova are two different places. It takes 2 hours ride max providing it is traffic like Mother's Day which the road are really traffic. Maybe you can get 1 hour and a half if it is not traffic.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Something Just Like This

There is something we have to see. Something just like this. Five days ago we went to another city and we cross seas to get to another city and of course we have to board by boat or airplane to cross seas. In our case we boarded an airplane and get a 40 minutes ride on the airplane to reach our destination. There we can see the sky as the airplane had gone up in midair of the atmosphere.

In airport we have to be there in advance so that we can board the plane on schedule. It would be burdensome to come late and we would not boarded the plane. It was morning when we arrived at the airport and we were hungry so we ordered something to eat inside the airport. You know it is airport so it is a little bit pricey. So we eat something there and it was delicious. I wish I could have taken a photograph of something we eat. It was a meal at Kenny Rogers. I got a chicken meal with macaroni salad side dish. It was really great there and I saw a celebrity there. It happened that at yesterday he and his companions were at the city. So they get inside and I did not have a photo selfie with him cause it would be ridiculous I think to have photograph with him. I was really shy and as I see no one take photos of him. I don't know about others because he and his companions sat at our back. So we waited at the waiting place for the airplane to arrive and alas it was announced that the airplane had arrived and a few minutes later we boarded the plane. It was a less than an hour ride and we arrived at the destination. We had seen the view and there were clouds as we see in the window. There were several clouds and as we descend we had seen the view of the city. It was noon when we arrived and we are still not hungry.