Friday, June 30, 2017

It's The End of The Month June 30 2017

It's The End of The Month June 30 2017. A day had passed and a new day comes and what comes around is the present and memories had passed and time had passed. The future awaits new experiences and there are many things to do in a day and some have a schedule for a day or a night. It is June 30, 2017 today and many things happened all around the world or all around the universe. The Earth keeps rotating around the sun and before it was not known that the Earth revolves around the sun. Discoveries had led to proof that the Earth revolves around the sun as same as the other planets in the solar system. I had made breakfast in the morning and I cook an egg with Chinese Pechay on it and I also cooked canned tuna. It was a nice breakfast and it was around 8 o clock that I had taken my breakfast. I am alone in the house as of this moment. Now the morning had passed and it is already afternoon and I haven't seen news lately. I had search about a girl that she is the number 1 girl in the magazine in our country Philippines. Now the afternoon will soon pass and it is already 5 pm and one more hour and it will be evening.

The time will roll and the time pass is a time to cherish as we human had few life span as our world will age a lot of time like billion of years and it is not certain on what will happen to the world in the future. There are some predictions about how our world will be and who knows what will happen. Tomorrow is another month and we ever wonder how month came to be. It is Gregorian calendar and there are other calendar like the Chinese calendar where the new year is celebrated according to the Chinese Calendar. Now there are lives that were born and there are lives that had passed and the population of the world continue to rise. It was a mystery of how life came to be and life came to be in our world. There are books about our creation of our life and world and it is the basis of many religion that were created all throughout the world.

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