Friday, June 2, 2017

Something About June First and June Second

Today is another day and it is June Second or June 2. Yesterday had passed and it obviously June First or June 1 of 2017. Last year was a great year and as May had passed last year the election day had passed by and it was a faster election because of the voting machinery. Now it is 2017 and June 2 or the second day of June or June Second. In this month of June is a touching story that will be written in the history as there were violence made in our country and many had died through violence. Now there is social media like twitter and FB and there's much post about Martial Law in Mindanao. I live in Mindanao and there are many cities in a province. I live near a city where terrorist stayed and there were many tanks passed by the road and helicopters too. It would be courageous for soldiers in our country Philippines to fought those terrorist. There would many casualties in a man to man combat along with those guns and ammo along with the bombs and missiles in airstrike. Now there is curfew in the city. Our city is just a neighboring city of the clash between the terrorist group and the soldier of the government. Yesterday had passed and I was not connected online through dsl internet because there were many children played in the internet rental. Now it is a brand new day and now it is evening till the third of June.

Something about today which is the second day of June. I was shocked of the news in Resorts World Manila about some several deaths and injuries because of a violent attack by a single person. How did a one person make a terrible scene in taking life of 38 lives according to a news website in the country? It was because of easily flammable inside the casino like the carpet and table. It happened in the casino and now we pray and rest in peace.


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