Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Soemething We Want

There is something we want in our life. There are many things to offer in life. We are created as part of life of human and other species too. We human are irrational beings and most of us have faith in God and some don't believe in God. When we are born in this world we are little and we can't talk yet or have a memory. It takes few years for us to have memory. We grow day by day and we age then we die as what is normal of species on this world.

We want something in our life and mostly things have price so we need money for owning that thing. We may want something delicious and there are many stores in our place that sells many kinds of foods. We may want to cook for our food. We may want a new clothes to wear and we save for a certain amount to buy them. Something we want is something we need. We have needs and we need food in order to survive and water and food is the most important things in our life. We also need shelter for us to stay and sleep. Before there were people who travel by foot and they had no permanent place to live. There are many things in these world that are crafted for people to use. Like house which are created for people to live. There are fancy houses that are created and it really cost money to own one. Now there are also transportation vehicles or cars. It also cost to own one of those cars that are created. You need to know how to drive though in order to use those cars. There are many great things that were created by people. Manufacturing things created many jobs and computerization of many things had also lose jobs but it is part of saving time and effort. Robotics had made manufacturing fast and efficient.

The future has yet to be made and there are many things that people wants and needs. People want and need to have money to pay for their wants and needs. There will be new generation of people as other perish and other were born in this world.

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