Saturday, September 3, 2016

What Do We Need To Live

In chemical term we need oxygen, water, food, clothes and shelter. From time to time a new discovery were made and a few centuries ago there was no such thing as oxygen. As technology advances oxygen were being discovered and this is through the microscope invention. We know that water is H2O and that term is known by most.

We need oxygen. Oxygen is the air we breathe in. When we exercise we may say inhale, exhale. We inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. There are really many oxygen in the air as we can breathe it and we give to thanks to it. It is nice to inhale and exhale this elements or atoms discovered.

We need water. As it was suggested that we need to drink water 7 to 8 cups times a day. I don't know how many cups of day I drink today. Now there is refrigerator then we can drink cold or we want to heat the water and drink hot water. In some part of the world water is still scarce and it is to bad for that part in a country. With invention some dig well or use a water pump for water.

We need food. We really need food to have energy throughout all the day. In our place or country we usually eat rice as staple food along with a partner of viand. There are foods that are sold and somehow we cook some foods too. We really love delicious food.

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