Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Boy Playing Dota 2

A boy played DoTA 2 and that boy is me. DoTA 2 or Defense of the Ancients 2 is a great multiplayer game which is played as a team versus team, with each team has 5 players. There are many heroes to choose from in this game. In this game I had chosen Phantom Assassin hero. It was said that there are 112 heroes you can choose to play in DoTA 2. That is really many heroes to choose from. If you haven't played DoTA yet then you need Steam client to download the game. You need to sign-up for steam account then you can choose to download the DoTA 2 game. In Steam client you can download some games. Some are free and some are not and DoTA 2 is free to play multiplayer game. You need internet to play this game of course as you have to play with another player. You can choose what area you want to play like SEA or USA or UK area. For me I use SEA area because I have faster connection there according to ping. With fast speed internet nowadays then you can play this multiplayer online game anywhere. You just need your log-in information that you had sign up with steam. It is fun along to play this game with other players online. 

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