Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Boy Watching A Movie With a Family

I am a boy and I watch a movie with a family before. Before where we were little I have my two sisters and one brother watching the movie along with my mother. My father was not always with us because he was a seaman where he had to be in the boat or ship as a living. I am a boy now and wonder what would be my way of living. Now I am writing a blog and it is just a hobby like playing computer games. I hope to enroll in the next semester. I hope God will guide to what way of living will I have till the rest of my life. We watched movie before. Before there was no CD and DVD yet there was betamax and we rent cartridge of betamax in the city. The city is just 7 kilometers ride and take 15 to 20 minutes ride depending on the traffic. Now there is DVD where you had to buy the DVD cartridge. I am a boy and I had watched with some of the family in a movie theater and it was really great experience with a huge screen to watch. I am still a boy and searching for what to movie to watch. There are many movies made and there are many movie trailers usually you can see in Youtube. Youtube was really great video site where you can also watch movie there. There are many video there because it is almost all countries can upload videos there.

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