Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I Am A Boy

I am a boy. I came here to share it or blog it that I am a boy. A boy is just any other boy in the world or any other gender in the world but there are difference in each of us that is why we are called we are all unique. I have created many memories as I grow up and there were good ones and bad ones. I have finished high school and that is good for me now you know a little part of boy's life which is me. I am a boy and I like to play online games just like any other boy in the whole wide world who like to play games may it be online or offline. I played offline games too before that required game console like playstation and Nintendo Family Computer. Now there are many great game console to play from. I am a boy and I love to eat that was why I had gained 8 kilos and I am planning to lose less kilos or luckily maintain my weight now. There are many boys and girls working themselves to lose weight. I am a boy with no job at all and I stopped in college so I have no diploma or degree yet. I was hoping to finish my college so I can get a better shot in applying jobs. A degree is really a plus. That's what I need for now as being a boy.

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