Tuesday, September 6, 2016

We Need Water and Food

We need water and food. I need water and food. I liked my water to be cold or not so cold but sometimes the water is not cold so no choice. We have been used to cooling our water in the refrigerator. Imagine before there was no refrigerator so the water they drink before was not usually cold. Nowadays there are water usage fee as we use the water and we pay for the water. We pay for the water in two separate ways: 1. The water we used for many things like for dish washing and bathing. 2. For drinking water. Water are really essential to life and it is a form of oxygen and hydrogen. Now there is food. I need food. We need food. There are many delicious food out there. We might want to cook and it will take time and effort for us to cook food while there are ordered by delivery food nowadays but there are some where delivery food is not available. In our place delivery food is available and there are also near restaurant where it sells ready made food.

food and water
I am delighted to say that I remember when I was little cooking boiled rice. It is just easy and boiled rice is our staple food in our country. Now there is this rice cooker where it has usually two buttons, a cook one and a warm one. I observe that it turns to warm one when most the rice is nearly cooked and there is little water to it. I need a viand. We need a viand. Unless you are all in to it just the rice. Now we cooked a partner of rice we called viand. It is good to have a partner to our rice. Mostly the easy choice of viand is fried fish or chicken. Fried fish and fried chicken is really good viand and it is delicious as you dipped it with mixed soy sauce and vinegar. Now after we eat we have to was the dishes and we use water and soap.

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