Friday, May 19, 2017

Lantaw Busay and Lantaw Cordova

Last May 14, 2017 was a Mother's Day and we went to another city by plane because it was a city that cross across waters. It was a 40 minute ride by plane. On May 14, 2017 we arrived from Cebu City and we stayed at the airport for two hours for waiting my sister from another place. We arrived at noontime in the airport and we waited for two hours and we sat and wait inside the airport. There were many people who wait there and we are near the exit door and there are many people who wait there and some people even have a card board for people they waited. So my sister arrived and we boarded a rented van. We went to the hotel and drive for a few minutes and we unloaded our bags in the hotel. So we now went to the first venue of our vacation. It was a short vacation in Cebu City. We went to Lantaw Busay first and the view was great because it was at the top of the city and you can view the view of the city. We ordered food and the food were great. There were people too in the Lantaw Busay. We had travel ascending on the road and there was a few traffic in going upward to the Lantaw Busay. We turn left and ascend upward for a few minutes. The driver was great and he really was known to driving places in Cebu. We went from city to city. We arrived at Lapu-lapu city and we cross bridge to go the hotel in Mandaue City. After suppose to be dinner Lantaw at 5 pm we then went to Temple of Leah which is just a few minutes ride upward. Then it was early evening we went to Lantaw Cordova to see the 10,000 roses. Lantaw Busay and Lantaw Cordova are two different places. It takes 2 hours ride max providing it is traffic like Mother's Day which the road are really traffic. Maybe you can get 1 hour and a half if it is not traffic.

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