Monday, May 22, 2017

Something About You

There is something about you. Today is another day and it is great to have you in here. In a conversation you might say "It is good to have you now in here!". This day is Tuesday and it is afternoon and it was a great morning had passed. Now how do you do? You may be fine or alright or you may be down and depressed today. In our  place it is hot right now and the sun rays had shine to our place in case the cloud will overshadow the sun then it will have a dim place. Something about you makes me wonder what else can be in your mind. Unless I am a mind reader then I would really know what you are thinking. There is a movie about a man could read girl's mind and it stars Mel Gibson. It was really a great movie. Now you have to think of what to do in a day unless you have a work then you have to work. When we come to a right age to work then we have to work or we cannot work because we are not qualified. Some jobs needs you to have a degree or diploma so you would have to go to college and get a degree. You need to work off that grades so you would have a higher chance to get a job. There are many employed people and there are many also who are unemployed. You need to get a job to have money to buy something to eat. Now you are thinking of what to eat. The noon had just passed which is for lunchtime and I had a great lunch and I don't know about you. Do you have a great lunch today? If so then great. I wonder what is your meal. Something about you tells me that you are already full because you have money to buy food. So it was great. You have to live time after time and the story unfolds as the time passes by.

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