Thursday, May 18, 2017

Something Just Like This

There is something we have to see. Something just like this. Five days ago we went to another city and we cross seas to get to another city and of course we have to board by boat or airplane to cross seas. In our case we boarded an airplane and get a 40 minutes ride on the airplane to reach our destination. There we can see the sky as the airplane had gone up in midair of the atmosphere.

In airport we have to be there in advance so that we can board the plane on schedule. It would be burdensome to come late and we would not boarded the plane. It was morning when we arrived at the airport and we were hungry so we ordered something to eat inside the airport. You know it is airport so it is a little bit pricey. So we eat something there and it was delicious. I wish I could have taken a photograph of something we eat. It was a meal at Kenny Rogers. I got a chicken meal with macaroni salad side dish. It was really great there and I saw a celebrity there. It happened that at yesterday he and his companions were at the city. So they get inside and I did not have a photo selfie with him cause it would be ridiculous I think to have photograph with him. I was really shy and as I see no one take photos of him. I don't know about others because he and his companions sat at our back. So we waited at the waiting place for the airplane to arrive and alas it was announced that the airplane had arrived and a few minutes later we boarded the plane. It was a less than an hour ride and we arrived at the destination. We had seen the view and there were clouds as we see in the window. There were several clouds and as we descend we had seen the view of the city. It was noon when we arrived and we are still not hungry.

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