Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Something Interesting

There are something interesting in this world. Our world has many to offer to us rational beings. Something interesting might be something beautiful or wonderful. There are many wonderful scenery in this world and it takes time to go to beautiful places. Land and water are places that are something interesting in this world. Now there are said 7 continents in our world which are North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and Antarctica. It is really interesting to go on these places and you live in one of these continent. Now there is interesting invention that fly to the air which enable us people to travel because it really takes time to ride by boat or ship to another continent. Now there are many flights around the globe and it may take a few hours ride. Traveling by boat or cruise ship is really interesting too. There are many huge cruise ship and it is really interesting to travel by sea across those large ocean.

Something interesting about the many living things in the world. There are many species in the world that lives in water and land and it is very interesting. We people find interesting on some species and we make it us pet like cats, dogs and bird. They said dogs are man's best friend. There are really many interesting species we can find in land and sea and it is for us to discover them in an interesting way. There are many things to care about in this world as we care for ourselves and our health. It is interesting to take care of our health so we take care of what we eat and there are many interesting things to eat like fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are interesting living things in our planet and we are thankful that there are many of them as people can plant fruits and vegetables. Some are having them in the garden but mostly fruits and vegetables are sold in the market and we can buy them with money at an interesting price.

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