Friday, May 26, 2017

There's Something About Mary Movie

Now for a movie post is an old movie which was out in almost 2 decades or 19 years ago. It is "There's Something About Mary". You probably love Ben Stiller and Cameron Diaz. The two were really great actor and actress and they had made great movies in the last two decades.

In the movie trailer Mary (Cameron Diaz) asked Ted (Ben Stiller) to go to the prom. Cameron Diaz had really long hair when she asked Ben Stiller to go to prom with him and Ben Stiller had long hair cut too. As you can see in the movie trailer Ben Stiller had braces on. When he was 16 years old he fell in love and there were birds while on the music of "Close to You". Ted had really unzipped something that hurts him and he got hospitalized as there was ambulance. Thirteen years later Ted had new haircut and Ted had found Mary after thirteen years. Mary had new haircut which was shorter when they were in high school. Ted hired a man to find Mary and he did. He really seems familiar the man that he hired. There's something really about Mary. Cameron Diaz was really gorgeous and beautiful. It was a great movie trailer and Mary had a brother as they play baseball hitting the ball Mary's brother was hit but it did not shown how bad Mary's brother hit. While fishing Ted was hit by a fishing rod and it was really funny. It is a film by 20th Century Fox. The man Ted hired was really always watching Mary in the window as he had binoculars with him. The movie was also directed by Dumb and Dumber and Kingpin. There was also a scene of a dog and Ted and it was another funny moment with the dog and Ted. The dog was really fierce and it is out to get Ted and the dog jump to Ted and Ted faded and the dog jumped through the window. After that the dog was on bandaged and that was the end of the trailer.

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